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My audio partner, Angela Bakes, and I created a radio advertisement for the golf course "Hole in Fun". We started by writing a short script and then found the various sound effects online that were necessary in bringing life to the project. Then I recorded my voice saying all of the lines, and we altered the sound to create multiple characters. Music was added, and the audio files were arranged to create a masterpiece!

The next project in the audio unit was to create a radio documentary. Angela and I came up with a topic, and we created different questions to ask about the new health code in the school. Using a camera and a microphone we interviewed several students and a cafeteria staff member. We returned to class and edited the interviews to make them flowing and at the right levels. We then wrote a script for our documentary, and recorded Angela as the documentary host. Her audio levels were fixed on the computer, and all of the tracks were pieced together seamlessly. Then we created a signature opening sound for the show using different clips of Window's application sounds.