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This assignment included finding various images with correlating themes, and blending them together to create a collage. I chose to show the contrast between old hollywood and new hollywood using the IT people of today and years past.

This assignment included creating an advertisement spoof based on a well known product or company to show the consumer some aspects of the product that may not generally be presented to the general public. I chose to spoof a cheap clothing company that uses Madonna's face and body to sell their clothes to make them appear to be more chic.
This assignment introduced the basic use of special effects in photoshop. A picture of myself was taken holding a flashlight that gave a base for the creation of a lightsaber. I was photoshopped onto a preexisting background and a box of white was created protruding from the flashlight. I gave the white box an outer red glow and rounded off its top. A lens flare was used to create a more realistic picture. Finally I altered the contrast of my skin tone so that I fit more flowingly with the background.
This self portrait was created from merely a picture of myself and a background. I cut up my face into sections and copied them into different layers in photoshop. Then, I produced random effects on each section and blended the pieces back together, adding extra colors. A lens flare was added after all of the layers were flattened.
This magazine cover was the photoshop test created during two periods using only materials that belonged to myself. I used a picture of my friend, Jill Saunders, and altered it to make her look like a vampire using burning and contrast changing. A barcode was created manually, and the price, date, key articles and a title were added. All of the larger text were created using three layers of color to make a 3-D look.
This assigment consisted of two different fields of learning: product photography and advertisement design. I brought in several action figures from the Wallace & Gromit franchise and positioned them together. The lighting on the product was adjusted to improve the image and the picture was taken. In photoshop, I adjust the contrast and coloring of the figures, and cropped the unwanted portions. Finally I designed the remainder of the ad, using layers of text and color and writing the headlines.