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During one of the doubles, Angela, Daniel, Thein and I, worked together to create the CEC Newsnet. We put together a script about the current events relating to CEC, and filmed it. It took several takes for everything to come together, but we eventually finished. After filming, we captured the video into pinnacle studio and merged the files with the master newsnet. We edited the entire project together and then rendered it, so that it would be useable for the net. It was then put on the school website.

Josiane-Camera, typed the script

Thein-Lighting and teleprompter



The next assignment was my first attempt with animation. It is an example of GIF animation. First I found a picture of a beach and then photoshopped myself into it, using a picture that Angela Bakes took of my in front of a green screen. I then began experimenting with different paints and pictures of plants on the Internet, blending them into my body to make it look like I was growing vegetation. I then found a picture of a palm tree and took pieces from it to add to my picture. Eventually all the pieces of the picture were there, and I had turned into a palm tree. Every so often during this process I saved the picture as a different file. Finally I resized all of the pictures and put them together in GIF Construction Set. I then changed the time delay on the pictures.


Flash Animation was the next concept that we had to master. We were to create four scenes of animation, three of which where previously scripted by the teacher. We had to create a symbol for each aspect of the animation to use throughout the movie. In the first scene, a boat peacefully floats by. In the second scene, there is an underwater view of sharks and a submarine. In the third scene, the original boat is seen through the periscope of the sub, and the target is confirmed. The fourth scene was not scripted, and we were permitted to finish the movie using our imagination. I chose to show the submarine being blown up by its own torpedo. After the animation was completed, sounds from the internet were strategically placed to give the movie a more realistic feel. The movie was then published so that it could be put on the internet.


The next task in flash animation was to create an introduction to our favorite web page. I chose to design one for This project consisted of four advanced level techniques: (1) Alpha tweening, (2) Tweening along a path, (3) Creating an animation within an animation and (4) making a button link to a web site. As long as we included these four aspects of animation, we had free creative reign with everything else. I began by creating symbols of the IMDB sign, Jeannie from I dream of Jeannie (1965-1970), Samantha from Bewitched (1964-1972), Jeannie's bottle and various other images. I then created the scene using the four techniques and the symbols I created. I then added music, and created the link from the button to

The last task in flash animation was to create a banner for advertising a product online. I chose to do one on Carl's Online Car Sales. I create a back ground, and two racecars with banners attached to the back of them. It was a simple, yet effective and colorful manner to attract an internet viewer's attention to the product.


This was a bonus project for the course. We had to draw a person and then outline it using photoshop on different layers. I then used the fill tool to color it. After it was colored, I used the burn tool, the sponge, the airbrush and the smudger to give the cartoon a more 3D effect.

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We had to design a game using flash for this project. I created the symbols of the characters, and then copied game code into flash. I then designed background for the game, and added sound effects. It is a called the Attack of the Furbies.

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This is a advertisement I made for a digital camera. I filmed the footage, cut it together and used various filters and effects to create it. I then created titles to show the information that was necessary.

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